Seattle Children’s is recruiting infants for a new study at Seattle Children’s. The WONDER research study uses technology and behavioral assessments to monitor and map social brain development. The study consists of five in-person study visits during the first three years of life at our research lab in Seattle. During visits, researchers record brain activity and eye movements while showing the child pictures and videos. They engage the child in play-based activities to assess different aspects of development, such as language and motor skills.

We are recruiting English-speaking families with infants under the age of 6 months to be part of one of three groups:

  1. Infants with an older sibling (whole or half) with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.
  2. Infants born with low birth weight – 3lbs., 15 oz. or less (1800 g).
  3. Infants born weighing more than 5 lbs., 5oz. (2500 g) with no known serious medical conditions and no first- or second-degree relatives with autism.

A caregiver will be asked to complete questionnaires around the same time as the study visits and also complete four phone interviews over the course of the study. Feedback on standardized assessments is provided in the form of a written summary report. Families may receive $400 to $425 by the end of the study for completing all the study activities. Parking validation is provided.

Contact or 206-884-WNDR to learn more. Please feel free to share information about this study with any families you think may be eligible.