Our Heart Center has updated its website to better facilitate a smooth referral process for community providers and their patients. The updated guidelines provide our current wait times (five days or less for urgent referrals and up to a few weeks for non-urgent ones) and information about where to send the referral since referrals should be submitted to the Heart Center clinic location where the patient would like to be seen (this is different than most Seattle Children’s clinics).

The new site tells when and how to upload imaging and diagnostic reports, how to order an ECG or echocardiogram and where else we may redirect patients who are coming in for certain conditions if a different Seattle Children’s specialist would better meet their needs (i.e., concussion, syncope/pre-syncope, hypertension and hyperlipidemia can fall into these categories).

For providers who order a consult for a heart murmur, we offer heart murmur information for families you can give to offer reassurance as they wait for an appointment with us.

The Heart Center website also offers extensive patient management resources for PCPs for conditions that can sometimes be managed in primary care:

For complete information about when and how to refer to the Heart Center, please visit the Heart Center’s Refer a Patient web page.