From: Dr. Brianna Enriquez, Medical Director of Emergency Management and Dr. Elaine Albert, Medical Director, Inpatient Access

In the last week, there has been a large increase in Emergency Department (ED) visits due to a combination of respiratory illnesses, mental health and COVID-19. The ED is functioning at 150% capacity on average. The ED team is using every available space to treat patients, including the lobby, a converted storage area and tents. Approximately 33% of ED bed space is being used for patients with mental and behavioral health issues.

Your Help Is Needed

  • When referring families to the ED please ensure they understand the current situation. We will be doing everything we can to quickly get them the care they need.
  • Consider activating any winter surge plans now (i.e. extended or additional clinic hours) to allow lower acuity patients to be seen in clinics to preserve the EDs for those who need it most.

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