Our Emergency Department (ED) continues to experience very high patient volumes. We are practicing in a crisis mode almost every day with volumes routinely as much as 50% higher than anticipated and sometime over 200% capacity. Children are coming in for a variety of reasons such as COVID-19, many other viruses, mental health concerns and our usual significant childhood illnesses and injuries.  Our ED capacity is further constrained by the everyday occurrence of boarding patients and ED construction. Please continue to identify and manage low acuity complaints in outpatient settings to help maintain our limited capacity in the ED for higher acuity concerns. When referring a patient to the ED please call our Communications Center at 206-987-8899. It is helpful to inform your families that wait times may be longer than expected and that our increased number of provider staff are working hard to see all patients as quickly as possible.

Please contact Tony Woodward, ED Medical Director and Division Chief for any suggestions, questions or concerns.

Our urgent care (UC) clinics are also experiencing high volumes. Reminding families to schedule a same day UC appointment as early as possible will help them with timely access. They can use the UC  online scheduling system or call the hospital’s main number 206-987-2000.

Please refer to “Emergency or Urgent Care?” for general triage guidance to the ED vs UC.