Seattle Children’s has launched a new follow-up phone call process.

Within two days of leaving the hospital, patient families will now receive a call from our automated system. During this call, our system will ask questions about the patient’s recovery and see if the family needs additional help.

Please share with your patients what they can expect from the call:

  • The number calling you will be 206-981-5036. The caller ID will include your name and the words “SCH Care Team.”
  • Using the keypad on your phone, answer the questions about your health and progress.
  • Based on your answers, a nurse may call you back to offer help and instructions.

Questions asked may include:

  • Do you have any questions about your child’s discharge instructions?
  • Do you have all of the prescribed medications?
  • Do you have any questions about your child’s prescribed medications?
  • Do you need help scheduling an appointment with your doctor?

Spanish speaking families will also receive automated calls. Children’s will be partnering with interpreter services to call other non-English speaking families as well.