Same-day COVID-19 vaccines now available on a limited basis each day for eligible Seattle Children’s inpatients, ambulatory patients who are visiting the hospital for an appointment with their specialist and caregivers who are accompanying ambulatory patients to a same-day appointment.

Same-day appointments are dependent on vaccine availability and clinic capacity each day. We cannot guarantee them or schedule in advance.

  • Inpatients and ambulatory patients: Seattle Children’s providers will verify that the vaccine is medically appropriate and that the patient is on our eligibility list to receive the vaccine before scheduling their same-day appointment. If a same-day vaccine isn’t available, eligible patients can still schedule their vaccine for another day through our regular MyChart process.
  • Caregivers accompanying an ambulatory patient to their same-day vaccine appointment will be offered a vaccine dose, if one is available, by the vaccine clinic registration staff at the time of vaccine appointment check-in. If a same-day dose isn’t available for the caregiver, they can still schedule an appointment through our public vaccination portal or use the Washington State Vaccine Locator.

Appointments are required for all COVID-19 vaccinations, including same-day. Drop-in vaccinations cannot be accommodated.

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Seattle Children’s Has Updated Its List of Patients Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccination

If your patient is not on our eligibility list and you believe they should be, please contact us at

Seattle Children’s recently expanded its list of current patients who are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Phase 1B Tier 2. We are contacting those patients added to the list to offer them a vaccine appointment. The expanded list better matches the Washington Department of Health’s methodology, which came out after we made our initial list based on CDC guidelines and the peer-reviewed and publicly available Pediatric Medical Complexity Algorithm (PMCA). No patients were removed from the initial list.

As a reminder:

  • All current patients eligible for the vaccine are being notified via text and MyChart alerts. We are using MyChart to schedule their vaccine appointment.
  • Sixteen- and seventeen-year-olds must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian to sign the consent in person. They will receive only the Pfizer vaccine.
  • Eligible individuals ages 16 to 21 who are not on our list can still schedule a vaccine appointment through our public vaccination portal.


Washington state’s Phase Finder tool for determining vaccine eligibility has been retired. As of March 31, individuals getting their vaccine no longer have to prove they are eligible under the current phase. Washington state plans to open vaccination to all residents on April 15.