Ophthalmology Opens Referrals to More Types of Patients

Due to capacity improvements, Ophthalmology has made recent changes to its referral guidelines to see more types of patients. As of August 2022:

  • We are now offering baseline and screening exams for patients with Down Syndrome (but still not autism, diabetes, or leukemia/ALL/SCCA patients, unless history of eye disease).
  • We are accepting referrals for failed vision screening if it is in a high-risk setting such as Trisomy 21.
  • We are offering surgery consults for chalazion or stye if it has failed management with an outside eye care provider for at least 2 months.

As a reminder, Ophthalmology sees only patients ages 16 and younger with a focus on seeing children and teens who cannot find equivalent care in the community. A detailed list of conditions Ophthalmology does and does not see is found on the Ophthalmology Refer a Patient page.

Obesity Algorithm Has Been Updated; An Additional Referral to Nutrition is Sometimes Needed for Children Under Age 2

Our obesity algorithm has been updated several times this year with the goal of ensuring we are providing timely care for those patients who most need specialty care. Most recently, we updated the algorithm to indicate that PCPs who refer children under age 2 with concern for early onset obesity to Endocrinology should also refer to Nutrition at the same time unless the child has already been evaluated by a dietitian. These young patients require coordinated care from both endocrinology and nutrition specialists.

Other changes we made earlier this year:

  • Children greater than 2 years without metabolic dysfunction should be referred to Child Wellness Clinic.
  • We increased the BMI criteria (from 120%-ile to 130%-ile of the 95th percentile).
  • We are now directing some children 2 to 5 years old to the Wellness Clinic instead of Endocrinology.

Visit Seattle Children’s Endocrinology and Diabetes website and our referral guidelines for more information.

More algorithms: Dozens of algorithms are available from Seattle Children’s specialists, created with input from primary care providers. Find them all at seattlechildrens.org/algorithms.

Good News About Our Referral Processing

Our newly expanded team of clinical intake coordinators has been working hard to receive and input new referrals faster and is now able to do so within 24 hours. This is down from a 3 to 5-day delay earlier this year. A 24-hour turnaround will be our new standard. If you have a question about a referral you submitted previously or need to discuss expediting a referral please call Clinical Intake at 206-987-2080.