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15th Annual Pediatric Bioethics Conference is July 19 to 20 in Seattle

2019 Pediatric Bioethics ConferenceThe 15th Annual Pediatric Bioethics Conference will be held July 19 to 20 at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center on the Seattle waterfront. The conference is sponsored by Seattle Children’s Treuman Katz Center for Pediatric Bioethics. This year’s theme is “Defining Moments in Pediatric Bioethics: Future Insights From Past Controversies.” Join a distinguished group of bioethicists for challenging and illuminating presentations and discussions exploring the complex questions this topic raises. Early-registration pricing ends June 14.

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Recent Study Points to Success of Electronic Health Screening Tool

Adolescent patients who received an electronic health screening tool prior to their primary care checkup were more likely to their reduce risky behaviors, according to a recent study of 300 adolescents. The screening tool used in the study was designed to also provide motivational feedback directly to the teens. Those who were given the electronic screening tool were more likely to report that their doctor counseled them about their risk behaviors and more likely to reduce those behaviors three months later, according to Dr. Cari McCarty, investigator with Seattle Children’s Research Institute and a research professor at the University of Washington, who participated in the study.

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Cancer Research: CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy Trials Showing Promise

Children and young adults with a range of different childhood cancers are finding new hope in chimeric antigen receptor cell (CAR T-cell) trials offered at Seattle Children’s. CAR T-cell immunotherapy is one of the most promising experimental cancer therapies of our time. The ongoing clinical trials in Seattle were developed at Seattle Children’s Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research and Immunotherapy Integration Hub and represent the most comprehensive CAR T-cell immunotherapy program for pediatric patients anywhere, treating more types of childhood cancers using CAR T-cell therapies than any other facility worldwide.

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Find Clinical Trials at Seattle Children’s

Dozens of clinical trials are underway at Seattle Children’s at any given time. Find a list of trials and further details on our website. Research topics include ADHD, asthma, cancer, diabetes, migraines, early-onset scoliosis, weight management and many more. Read full post »

Know the Signs of Human Trafficking

More than 87% of sex trafficking victims say they had some contact with healthcare workers while they were being trafficked. That and other alarming statistics were shared by a new trafficking work group recently formed at Seattle Children’s to raise awareness among staff about this issue and share tips for helping people being trafficked.

Human trafficking doesn’t always look like what you expect. It can be a new immigrant with limited language skills, as many people know; but it can also be a young American mom who needs food, a safe place to stay and diapers for her children. Trafficking survivor Kyra Doubek told Children’s employees during a recent presentation that she was a trafficking victim years ago at age 18 when she brought in her infant son for hernia surgery, with her trafficker. No one at the hospital recognized her situation. “The trafficked person could be anybody who comes into your hospital,” Kyra says. “You’d be surprised at who might need help.”

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New Medical Staff and Grand Rounds: June 2019

Medical Providers:

  • Jeanne Krick, MD, Seattle Children’s, Neonatology
  • Vikas O’Reilly-Shah, MD, PhD, Seattle Children’s, General Anesthesia
  • Desiree Roge, MD, Seattle Children’s, Rehabilitation


Allied Health Professionals:

  • Marit Featherstone, ARNP, Seattle Children’s, Adolescent Medicine
  • Katherine Golden, ARNP, MPH, Seattle Children’s, Urology
  • Mary Swenson, CRNA, Seattle Children’s, General Anesthesia
  • Christopher Tremonti, PA-C, Seattle Children’s, Orthopedics

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Connect With Seattle Children’s

Seattle Children’s welcomes your feedback, comments and questions. Please email us at to communicate directly with Children’s leadership.

Visit Seattle Children’s Resources for Healthcare Professionals.

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Your Physician Relations Team

Laurel Hopkins

Phone: 206-987-5031

Jen Mueller, PhD

Phone: 908-304-5748

Patti Kilburn

Phone: 206-987-6455

Kenton McAllister

Phone: 206-987-5221

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IBD Treatment: A Q&A With Dr. Namita Singh

Photo of Namita Singh

Namita Singh

What causes inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)? How has our understanding of it changed over time?

Dr.  Namita Singh, physician, Seattle Children’s: IBD is a multifactorial chronic disease. It is due to the overly active immune response to gastrointestinal (GI) enteric bacteria in genetically susceptible individuals, triggered by environmental factors. More than 200 genetic loci have been identified as playing a role in IBD, with some (i.e., NOD2) being associated with more progressive disease. Using our understanding of the inflammatory pathways affected in IBD, newer medications have been developed targeting these various pathways. The enteric bacteria, or GI microbiome, is known to be very different in IBD — with less diversity — than in healthy non-IBD patients. There has been an increase in IBD incidence worldwide over the past decade, suggesting a large impact in environmental factors rather than genomic shifts. For example, immigrants from countries with a lower prevalence of IBD assume a much higher risk when they immigrate to the United States, and their children even more so. The fastest-growing population is the pediatric Crohn’s disease population, and we are seeing IBD in very young patients as well.

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New at South Clinic: Expanded IBD Services

Seattle Children’s South Clinic in Federal Way recently expanded its IBD Center to offer the same full array of services available at Seattle Children’s main hospital in Seattle, with the exception of surgery.

South Sound residents now have convenient access to a dedicated infusion center with private rooms (including rapid infusion), intestinal ultrasound and X-rays and blood draws in the laboratory. The IBD team serving South Clinic includes GI physician Dr. Namita Singh, dietitians and social workers. Patients will soon also be able to have a telemedicine visit with a clinical psychologist. There is currently capacity at the South Clinic’s IBD Center to serve new families.

Provider-to-Provider consultation line: 206-987-7777 or 877-985-4637, option 4 (toll free)

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