Outpatient psychiatry services are now available at Seattle Children’s North Clinic in Everett. Providers at the North Clinic are offering:

  • Diagnostic evaluations for depression, anxiety and early childhood disorders
  • Stepped-care treatment for anxiety and externalizing behaviors (focusing on groups with some individual/family therapy)
  • Parent management training
  • Individual therapy for depressive disorders (very limited; by internal referral only)
  • Treatment of young children focusing on parent management training

Most patients are currently seen via telehealth due to COVID-19, including new patient visits.

North Clinic psychiatric providers partner with patients’ primary care providers, schools and community social service and mental health providers to provide the right types of tools and supports to help patients and families successfully manage their mental health needs at home.

The provider team specializes in evidence-based, short-term care.

Many providers ask whether Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine (PBM) at Seattle Children’s offers individual therapy. The short answer is sometimes, on a short-term basis. A child referred for depression will be given an evaluation and recommendations for next steps, which may be for services we offer at Seattle Children’s or in the community. If short-term counseling is recommended and our providers who do this work have capacity, the patient can be seen by providers at North Clinic or our main hospital campus. The more common course, though, is group therapy for the patient and/or parents. PBM offers more than a dozen different groups at several clinic locations. All are currently via telehealth only. A full list of groups is found on our Refer a Patient page. All patients must have an evaluation appointment with us before joining a therapy group.

Therapy groups offered at North Clinic in Everett (currently via telehealth):

For children and teens:

    • Anxiety and OCD group treatment programs for children and teens 6 to 17 years old

For parents:

    • Parent Anxiety group for parents of children 2 to 5 years old
    • SuperParenting for parents of children 6 to 12 years old with ADHD or challenging behaviors, including trouble listening, arguing, not completing tasks or tantrums
    • SuperParenting Teens for parents of children 13 to 17 years old with mental health–related difficulties, including managing emotions, conflict with family members, task completion and behavior


North Clinic PBM providers prioritize patients referred from the North Sound counties: north King, Snohomish, Skagit, Whatcom, Island and San Juan. The triage team directs Scheduling to offer these families a North Clinic appointment as a first option.

Our PBM specialists often have more referrals for new patients than appointments available, both at North Clinic and the main campus. A patient seen for initial evaluation is not guaranteed to be seen for brief focused treatment or follow-up care. If we do not have capacity, we provide direction to the family. We also offer many resources on our website for families (Patient and Families Resources page) and for providers (see our Refer a Patient page under “Resources for Providers”).

View the flyer for more information about our new psychiatry services at North Clinic in Everett. If you have questions, please contact physician.relations@seattlechildrens.org.