The Partnership Access Line (PAL) is offering another series of free training events for PCPs and primary care–based behavioral health providers in Washington, starting February 28, 2023. The First Approach Skills Training (FAST) team will offer live, interactive trainings for treating anxiety, depression, behavior problems, posttraumatic stress, teen behavior challenges and early childhood concerns in integrated primary care settings.


FAST programs are designed to provide brief, evidence-based behavioral therapy for youth and families in primary care clinics and other settings where long-term treatment is not usually offered.

Program materials were developed by child and adolescent psychologists Drs. Nat Jungbluth, Erin Gonzalez, Kendra Read, Jennifer Blossom, Jessica Jenness and Maggie Sibley, with funding support from the Washington State Healthcare Authority.

Providers can learn more about FAST and access free assessment tools for initial screening, treatment planning and progress monitoring on the FAST website.