Seattle Children’s Alyssa Burnett Adult Life Center (ABC) held its grand reopening on March 28, 2022, just shy of its eight-year anniversary. The expanded Center will host significantly more classes and activities, grow its staff, deepen vital community partnerships and widen its range of services to include mental and behavioral health.

We want healthcare providers to know ABC is encouraging new adult participants to enroll in ABC’s programming. No referral is required. Families are asked to complete intake paperwork found on ABC’s website or contact ABC at or call 425-488-6173 if they need assistance or have questions.

ABC’s grand reopening allows adult participants and families to finally reconnect in person via classes, groups and outings for the first time in over two years.

About ABC

Seattle Children’s ABC offers lifelong learning for people 18 and older with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities. It provides continuity of care for young adults after they age out of pediatric services and helps them continue to build skills, integrate meaningfully into their communities and enjoy life fully as young adults and into adulthood.

Why expand ABC?

  • ABC was established in 2014 to meet the growing need for meaningful learning opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities throughout their adult lives.
  • More than 500 adults have come through ABC’s doors, and each week it offers over 700 classes, activities and other ways to connect. Its incredible success inspired advocates to plan a major expansion to be able to serve more individuals.
  • ABC’s location in Bothell has now expanded 40%.
  • The space has two new offices to accommodate a larger staff and more programming, three new multipurpose classrooms (bringing total classrooms to six) and connects the building’s floors in an accessible manner with a new elevator. It features calming and age-appropriate colors and designs, including sensory-friendly lights, fixtures and visuals.
  • The expanded space is intended to be a hub for related community events and activities.

A wider range of services

  • ABC will be adding new clinical services during the coming year, including mental health counseling, behavioral services (applied behavior analysis [ABA]), pre-employment trainings, classes on specialized social skills and healthy relationships and parent and skill acquisition services.
  • ABC’s continued online presence will keep families from across the state engaged.
  • As ABC adds mental health counseling and more traditional clinical supports, the alignment with Seattle Children’s mental health initiative, Generation REACH, is essential.

Easier access for new families

  • The ABC has created a simplified and more accessible intake process to empower more self-advocates and families from diverse communities to participate in its programs.
  • ABC is pleased to be able to welcome new participants to join its programming.

Powered by generous donor funding

  • ABC was born of a fierce vision from the Burnett family and Seattle Children’s providers who recognized there were community gaps in services for this special population of young adults.
  • Just as the center was first made possible by generous gifts from Charles and Barbara Burnett and Tessera, the ABC building expansion was catalyzed by donor funding. Jennifer and Jay Stelly contributed $600,000. The Friends of the Alyssa Burnett Center Guild and ABC annual auction raised an additional $175,000.
  • This exciting development wouldn’t have been possible without support also from our ABC community of students, families and staff.