As the pandemic continues this winter and supporting children’s mental health is top of mind, we want to remind you that Seattle Children’s offers a free online series of short videos about anxiety, designed for parents and caregivers.

Our Anxiety 101 video series is a favorite resource frequently recommended by Seattle Children’s health and safety communications program manager, Heather Cooper. She offers this introduction: “This Anxiety 101 video series is helpful to parents who wonder if their child may have anxiety as well as parents with children who have been diagnosed with anxiety. The six videos are from 5- to 10-minutes long, and cover what anxiety is, how it feels in the body and how to evaluate and challenge anxious thoughts, moving from avoidance to approach. Dr. Kendra Read, director of the Mood and Anxiety Program, explains concepts using examples that are clear and relatable. She normalizes the condition and reduces stigma as she empowers parents and caregivers to support their children and teens with anxiety.”

Please recommend this powerful video series as appropriate to parents and caregivers who would be interested.

In case you missed it, our October 26, 2021, CME event “Psychiatry update” featuring Dr. Larry Wissow is now available to view online.