The Eating Disorders program will no longer require an EKG or patient labs with referral. We made this change to reduce work for our PCP colleagues and help patients be seen sooner.

Referrals should still contain:

  • Growth charts
  • A physical exam with vital signs completed at the PCP office within the past 14 days. Physical exam should include HEENT, neck, CV, lungs, abdomen and extremities (e.g., +/– LE edema, capillary refill). Vital signs must include height, weight, heart rate and blood pressure.

All patients referred for eating disorders will be offered a one-time telehealth visit. The current wait time is 4 to 6 weeks. Following the telehealth visit, we will provide the patient with appropriate support and resources to continue their care outside Seattle Children’s. We will share this after-visit information with the referring provider to help guide their continuing care of their patient.

Please visit our Eating Disorders – Refer a Patient page for more details about our referral requirements and resources for PCPs to support their patients with eating disorders.