Beginning today, May 11, we will offer COVID-19 nasal swab testing to symptomatic community pediatric patients (non-Seattle Children’s patients) at our Sand Point Learning Center drive-through test site and at our urgent care sites in Seattle, Bellevue, Everett and Federal Way. Tests will be provided during their normal hours of operation.

We are excited to offer this important service to our community. Full details are on our website.

How to order a test

1. Fill out a SARS-CoV-2 COVID lab requisition to order testing for your patient. Send the form via:

1. Facsys to [email protected]


2. Enter order into CIS, or fax to 206-985-3111 or 866-985-3111 (toll-free)


3.  A paper copy that the family can bring with them to their appointment (not preferred; appointment scheduling may take longer)

2. Instruct your patient to call 206-987-2100 to schedule their appointment. Scheduling is only available once the testing order is received. If your patient calls to schedule their appointment and the order has not been received, your patient will be instructed to contact you.

Results sent to referring provider

Results will generally be sent to the referring provider within 24 hours (standard lab report) via fax and PHIN to share with your patient.


There will be no difference in cost for drive-through testing at Sand Point Learning Center or Urgent Care. Patients will not incur a facility fee for testing. However, if your patient does not call to schedule an appointment ahead of time at an Urgent Care location, they will still be assessed via a regular urgent care visit and incur a facility fee. Patients will also incur a fee if they are treated at Urgent Care for symptoms.


Other COVID-19 Updates:

  • Update on COVID-19 test results: Seattle Children’s has tested 2,915 patients as of May 11. The positivity rate is 1.1% (positive results: 25; inconclusive: 8); the rate is 1.6% in symptomatic patients and 0.3% in asymptomatic patients. One patient is hospitalized and the others are recovering at home.
  • Visitor policy: We have updated our visitor policy to allow 2 primary parents/caregivers in the inpatient setting at a time; previously we had been allowing only one at a time. They should be the same two caregivers throughout the child’s hospitalization. All other visitor restrictions remain in place, and all visitors will continue to go through our screening process.