1.  Abuse at Home: Harm Reduction Strategies During the COVID-19 Pandemic Workshop

When: Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 3:30 to 4:10 p.m.

Where: WebEx. Phone number: 650-479-3207. Access code: 282 103 292

Description: Staying at home is not a safe option for everyone. Data suggests intimate partner violence and child abuse are increasing during this time of social distancing and quarantine. Seattle Children’s Odessa Brown Clinic will conduct a 40-minute online workshop to discuss the current state of intimate partner violence and child abuse, trends and strategies to increase safety at home.

There will be a QR code for a survey at the end of the training. Attendees will receive a CE certificate from the event manager after submitting the survey.

2. Lessons Learned at Seattle Children’s

Seattle Children’s shares its lessons learned from its work responding to the spread of COVID-19 in five categories of response:

  1. Early establishment of incident command structure
  2. PPE conservation
  3. Workforce safety
  4. Surgical and ambulatory care triage
  5. Optimization of trainee education

Read the full article in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons (JACS): “Collaborative Multi-Disciplinary Incident Command at Seattle Children’s Hospital for Rapid Preparatory Pediatric Surgery Countermeasures to the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

3. New On the Pulse Blog Series Highlights COVID-19-Related Research Underway at Seattle Children’s

More than 50 research studies to understand, detect, treat and prevent the coronavirus in children and families have launched at Seattle Children’s since the virus emerged in late 2019. Our new, weekly On the Pulse blog series, called “Quest(ion) for Discovery,” highlights research in progress and the search for answers that could result in major scientific breakthroughs that save lives and slow the spread of the virus. Read the first post featuring Dr. Leslie Walker Harding, Children’s SVP and chief academic officer, Can a Greater Understanding of COVID-19 in Children Reduce the Overall Impact of the Coronavirus?

4. How to Support Individuals With Autism During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Seattle Children’s has created a resource website for parents and caregivers of children with autism that we welcome you to share with the families you serve: How to Support Individuals With Autism During the COVID-19 Pandemic

5. Help Us Remind Families About the Importance of Emergency Care

Please help us remind families that if their child needs emergency care not to delay taking them to the emergency department. Delaying care for potentially serious concerns can put their child at risk for more severe complications. Families can learn more about COVID-19 safety at Seattle Children’s in this brief video.