A new asthma algorithm from our Pulmonary Division offers assistance with the initial diagnosis and management of asthma in a primary care setting.

About the algorithm

The algorithm starts with the point at which a patient is first seen in a primary care office for symptoms that may be asthma and walks the provider through the history, physical exam and diagnostic workup required to make a diagnosis (page 1, left side).

After a diagnosis of asthma is made, the algorithm details the steps involved in the initial management of asthma, which is much more than just medications. Comprehensive asthma care also includes an assessment of the child’s environment, addressing comorbidities that can aggravate asthma symptoms, providing patient and family education and ensuring protection with immunizations (page 1, right side).

Regarding medications for the management of asthma, the algorithm doesn’t dive into details of specific treatments, but instead points providers to already existing resources on page 2 under References. These are broken down by age group. Read full post »