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Gender Inclusivity Toolkit for Providers

Seattle Children’s doctors have created a toolkit to guide healthcare practitioners who are interested in creating a more welcoming and inclusive environment for gender-diverse patients at their workplace.

Toolkit co-creators Dr. Jason Wright, division chief of MRI, and Dr. Sarah Menashe, radiology residency site director, were inspired to create the Toolkit after going through a process to make Seattle Children’s Radiology Department more gender inclusive.



“The original inspiration for this project was that each of us has friends and family with kids who are trans or gender diverse,” said Dr. Wright. “These kids are so beautiful and so strong; we felt the best way to honor the courage they demonstrate simply by showing up every day as their authentic selves would be to try to ensure our department fully supports and affirms them as people.”

While written specifically for radiology practitioners, the toolkit’s steps and resources are broadly useful to practitioners in any department of a hospital or other healthcare setting.

View the Gender Inclusivity Toolkit and Appendix.

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Help Us Broaden Our Referral Network to Support Gender-Diverse Patients and Their Families

Seattle Children’s Gender Clinic team is working to broaden our referral network of primary care providers (PCPs) who have experience working with transgender and gender-diverse young people and their families. This will help us with the important task of connecting gender-diverse youth in our region with affirming PCPs close to home.

Are you a PCP who works to create a welcoming clinic environment for gender-diverse youth? If so, please fill out this brief form.

You are also welcome to forward this email to primary care colleagues who might like to add themselves to our referral list. PCPs do not need to be currently prescribing gender-affirming hormones or puberty blockers in order to fill out this form.

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