Seattle Children’s South Clinic in Federal Way now offers biofeedback therapy with Ivan Quintero, ND. Dr. Quintero sees patients three days a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If your South Sound patient age 8 to 21 is interested in biofeedback therapy, please send in a referral and note “South Clinic” on your referral so we know to schedule your patient in Federal Way.


Initial intakes with a medical provider are available in Seattle or in Federal Way (limited access). Initial intakes are available via telemedicine or in person. The wait time to be seen for an initial intake visit is one to two months; biofeedback therapy visits in South Clinic are available now. All biofeedback therapy appointments are in person.

Who We See

Biofeedback therapy is for individuals who have abdominal pain, musculoskeletal pain, Raynaud’s phenomenon and tension, migraine and post-concussive headaches.

How We Work

We work closely with patients, their parents and/or caregivers and other members of the child’s healthcare team to address their unique needs.

Biofeedback Therapy Is…

We teach children, teens and young adults to voluntarily control their body’s response to stress and pain. Biofeedback relies on breathing exercises, guided imagery and other techniques to allow the child to regulate their muscle tension, heart rate, skin temperature and other body functions to achieve better health. Patients can learn to manage the chronic pain they are experiencing, so it becomes less frequent and severe.

Biofeedback Therapy Isn’t

We aren’t a diagnostic service. We do not investigate the source of the patient’s pain and trust referring providers have already done this. If you refer a patient for headaches and they have not yet had head imaging, we will request it unless the patient has already been seen by a neurologist.

More Information on Biofeedback Therapy