The Biofeedback program at Seattle Children’s has produced two new videos to explain what biofeedback is and how the program works. They are ideal for both patients and providers to learn more about the therapy. “We find many patients are interested in biofeedback, but may not follow through on getting started because of anxiety about what’s involved or perhaps there is a lack of understanding of how it can help them,” says Dr. Seth Enos. “It’s a tremendously powerful therapy. We want patients and families to understand how it can help and feel encouraged to try it.”

One video features teenager Avery describing how biofeedback helped her manage pain after a serious sports injury and taught her skills that carried into everyday life. The second video features Dr. Enos explaining how the biofeedback program works at Seattle Children’s, who can benefit from biofeedback and what patients can expect during visits.

Both videos are found here.

Learn more about our Biofeedback Program and how to refer your patient.

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