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Recognizing and Treating Anxiety

A Q&A With Dr. Kendra Read

Anxiety affects 30% of children and adolescents at some point in their lives. Of those, 8.3% are severely impaired by it.

Anxiety in children can be a part of normal development, but unhealthy levels of anxiety can lead to significant distress and impairment in school, social and home functioning.

Unfortunately, patients with anxiety disorders do not always receive the help they need. When they do receive treatment, it is often insufficient or not evidence based.

We spoke with Dr. Kendra Read, an attending psychologist within Seattle Children’s Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine department, to find out how providers can identify childhood anxiety, which treatment options are most effective and what information they should provide to parents. Read on to learn more. Read full post »

New Medical Staff November 2018

Medical Providers

  • Kate Arbon, MD, Allegro Pediatrics – Bellevue, Pediatrics
  • Richard Cody, MD, University of Washington, Radiology
  • Lorin Hall, MD, Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital, Hospital Medicine
  • Kevin Kollins, MD, Seattle Children’s Pediatric Cardiology of Alaska, Cardiology
  • Min Lee, MD, Allegro Pediatrics – Bellevue, Pediatrics
  • Alyssa Ludke, MD, Allegro Pediatrics – Bellevue, Pediatrics
  • Ulrike Mietzsch, MD, University of Washington, Neonatology
  • Joseph Reis, MD, Seattle Children’s, Radiology
  • Nicole Stettler, PhD, Seattle Children’s, Psychology
  • David Wang, MD, Seattle Children’s, Emergency

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